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Section 37 Power Carving Shadow

“...beautiful, singular wooden sculptures, sustainable, natural and made to last.”

Section 37 Baboon


Dimensions: H 63cm, W 30cm, D 33cm
Medium: Jacaranda Mimosifolia
(Common Jacaranda) 

Section 37 Crocodile


Dimensions: H 40cm, W 27cm, D 68cm
Medium: Pinus Pinaster
(Common SA pine)

Section 37 - Skull


Dimensions: H 22cm, W 17cm, D 27cm. Medium: Eucalyptus Saligna
(Sydney Bluegum)

Section 37 Elephant


Dimensions: H 82cm, W 33cm, D 43cm
Medium: Eucalyptus Saligna (Sydney Bluegum)
Wall Mounted

Section 37 Gargoyle


Dimensions: H 53cm, W 28cm, D 44cm
Medium: Eucalyptus Saligna (Sydney Bluegum) 

Section 37 Lady

Female Figure

Dimensions: H 31cm, W 18cm, D 70cm
Medium: Eucalyptus Saligna (Sydney Bluegum) 

Section 37 Lion


Dimensions: H 45cm, W 30cm, D 47cm
Medium: Pinus Pinaster (Common SA pine)
 Wall mounted

Section 37 Rabbit


Dimensions: H 57cm, W 27cm, D 27cm
Medium: Jacaranda Mimosifolia
(Common Jacaranda) 

Section 37 Reindeer


Dimensions: H 45cm, W 35cm, D 25cm
Medium: Eucalyptus Saligna
(Sydney Bluegum) 

Section 37 Rhino


Dimensions: H 64cm, W 31cm, D 80cm
Medium: Jacaranda Mimosifolia
(Common Jacaranda) 

Section 37 aims only to create wooden sculpture reflecting and celebrating the world around us.

“...from chainsaws to chisels and everything in between...”

Power carving is the process of using hand power tools to carve wood.
Section 37 sculptures are made using chainsaws of varying types while finer details require the use of many other smaller tools.
All section 37 sculptures are made by hand, never by computer design or machine process. The sculptures are burned to create contrast and detail, never painted or dyed. Finishing requires many layers of polyurethane varnish to preserve the piece and reduce cracking from moisture differentials.
The finished product is made only of wood, varnish and happiness.

“...sustainable beauty...”

The wood used in all section 37 sculptures is obtained from discarded, invasive species trees that are removed as part of an 'invasive species removal project' or felled by private citizens and earmarked to be sold as firewood. Section 37 does not fell trees and would never fell a tree for the purpose of sculpture. Sculptures are created from raw wood pieces with no chemical treatment prior to carving.

“...where all good loggers go...”

The name 'section 37' refers to the myth of lumberjack heaven or hell.
Historically, logging townships contained 36 sections so “section 37” was said to describe something strange and unusual. A 1969 quote from New England and the Great Lakes region refers to section 37 as lumberjack heaven “where all good loggers go to cash in their chips”.
More recently 'section 37' is the slang term for legislation allowing for the commitment of a mentally ill patient in lieu of prison.....but let's not ask too many questions.

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